Todays events.....
2009-04-07 20:15:17 ET

Awoke today with neck and throat pain. So I'm guessing I have another sinus infection!

Decided to be nice and get Easter cards for my family and the lady. Found this heart/gut wrenching card for my lady. A second chance at a relationship type card. Spent the latter part of the day composing what to write in this trifoldesque card. Poured my fucking heart and soul into this puppy. Just about lost it a few times writing it!

So she got home at 5:30ish, made garbage burritos. Ate. Then told her I need to talk to her. Instead of handing the card to her. I read aloud what the card stated, and the 2 plus pages I wrote inside. Don't know if anyone has done this. But when your reading your inner thoughts aloud to someone you love, you can't help but get choked up! I did a few times. Trying to treat this whole situation as an adult! She sat there in astonishment, semi teary eyed. And said she still didn't know what she wants. Not sure if shes staying in Iowa or moving back to Cali to live with her parents. And she considers me a great friend and a good roomie. And that's it for now!!! WTF!!!!!!! Am I to assume I am at single status again? Till she changes her whim? Once again... WTF?????

2009-04-08 06:12:12 ET


i'm sorry.

2009-04-08 10:56:14 ET

My fault. For choosing incorrectly sweetie! Thought I could be someones better half for once, instead of a mere stepping stone of sorts!

2009-04-08 10:57:36 ET

Not all relationships end up being what you hope for unfortunately.

2009-04-08 17:04:44 ET

Isn't that the truth

2009-04-08 17:10:28 ET

Sorry dood.

2009-04-08 18:14:34 ET

3 years just went bye bye!!! Oh well!

2009-04-08 20:07:25 ET

Maybe fifteenth times the charm?

2009-04-09 11:27:24 ET

Coming from someone who knows you for reals, don't think of it as a loss but a good riddance. Robert you are a great guy and one of these days your gonna find someone that realizes that and holds on to you and treats you the right way. *hugs* Don't give up.

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