2009-04-21 21:12:11 ET

I've been keeping a written journal again. Have already pretty much filled a 100 page composition book in less then a month.Lots of queries and questions keep arising pertaining to the current situation, as well as other endeavors.

I have come to the conclusion that I can't stand most people as a whole. Don't worry. If I haven't deleted you off of here, myspace, twitter or facebook. Then your safe!

Lately I have been severely short tempered. When someone says something that is beyond dumb, or just gets on my fucking tits. I just wanna thump them in the head or face to a pulp!!! Just a seething rush of pure rage! Not sure if it stems from stress, depression or a combo of the both? I just have to watch myself living in a small town.

Though it was 37 this morning. I mowed and edged my 1/4 acre lot. Clean out the wild tulip patches around the house, re hung the hanging planters on the porch, and a slew of other yardly duties, did laundry, cooked, and am not semi tired.

Found out today from her. That she had deemed like three months ago, that we weren't in a relationship!!! WTF??? Thanks for the notice twat! 3 years pissed away, and 14 yrs of friendship. And she still has no idea what's going on? I hate indecisive 30 somethings!!! Especially when they still live under your roof.

Been religiously going to accupunture to releave stress. And have my chakras realigned twice, and have done a bit of mental reprogramming. Just for when the shite fully goes down, I'll be ready for it!

My experiment is still going good so far. Will keep posting about it:)

A smoke,bj and a beer sound good about now!

2009-04-23 11:03:48 ET

I really need to start writing again... =P

Why don't you kick her out?

2009-05-29 01:24:20 ET

not keeping up! =P
its been over a month...

2009-07-26 07:47:03 ET

its been 3 months!
hope everything is ok with you.

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