It's been some time.......
2009-08-26 21:09:55 ET

Haven't been on here in forever.

My laptop I was using for three years finally keeled over horribly and died. Fixing it was pretty much the exact cost of a new desktop. So I sucked it up and bought a new one.

Been doing lots of under the table sidework at an extended families farm. Concrete pouring, chopping wood for winter(with axes, chainsaws and log splitters), and general construction and repair. Still haven't been able to find a full time job out here since being let go from the Pella corporation last November. Still trying though. My part time job, is now my only one. I was at 38-44 hours a week. But have since been cut back t0 19-21 hours per week. And being part time, I don't quailfy for energy assistance, unemployment and a gamut of other resources. So I've been winging it...Barely!!!

The thorn in my side. Left the building 5 weeks ago, then turned around and broke up with me a second time. Stating that long distance doesn't work. True. It only works if both parties are willing!My brother lived in Northern Cali, and his lady in Colorado. They went back and forth for three years. Then he moved out to Colorado. So it can work!

I figured everything she had done was pre planned. Her bankruptcy, moving back to Cali, the 2nd coming of the twat waffle herself!Squirreling her money away and not helping, buying 200 plus dollars of cosmetics at a time, then asking about what's for dinner? "You container of 65 dollar foundation. Biatch!!!" Anyhow. I've also come to the conclusion that she had some additional cock in waiting for her out there too. No biggie. Karmas a motherfucker, when it comes around!

Before her highness the ice queen left. She turned off my internet, cable, phone. Cancelled my insurance on my car and house. Literally cleared out my pantry. I am barely able to afford internet and my home phone, but I'm keeping a tight reign on it! Then last week she cancelled my cellphone.So I cleared out our mutual paypal account and sent it too my other paypal account as monies owed!!!! There was about 400 or so dollars in the account for Christmas. But she bought 300 plus dollars in school books, then told me afterwards! So I transfered the balance to myself!!! And closed her paypal account and cancelled her paypal visa card. My hand must've just temporarily hit the wrong button? Tsk tsk....

My house is up for sale too. Doesn't make sense to have a huge place to myself. I guess the notion of having a loved one and a family are on the back burner again! Besides my grandmother is sick, and my mum's retiring towards the Vegas area.It's pretty much the last of my family left. So I'm going to take the leap once again and move.I am 3/4 packed up, put in for a job transfer, and am waiting on a buyer for my house. 33 hits since last month alone, 4 prospectives.So as soon as my house sells I'm outta Iowa......

2009-08-26 23:52:40 ET

It's lame all the shit that went down and sorry to hear about it. I will buy your old lappy off of ye if you feel like unloading it.

Let me know when you are moving and I will come out and help ye.

2009-08-27 10:24:09 ET

i wish i lived out there id take your house in a heartbeat. im in love with it.

2009-08-27 12:08:50 ET

If i could afford to move it to a decent state.Near rivers and mountains.I would!

2009-09-14 23:02:25 ET

wow life huh,computers, work and women. Good to see you chop wood and been doing physical stuff, I believe it helps with stress. I live in the bushes/woods now so I have a bias that chopping wood is healing.

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