2010-03-10 13:09:25 ET

Just got my activation email like 3hrs ago so I'm very happy right now. I'm happy to be here but I think I might just give a quick heads up to anyone who drops by.

My "blog" here will mainly consist of the random sometimes bizarre thoughts that pass thru my mind and are never intend or directed at someone unless I state that they are. I'm an artist by heart and will occasionally post some of my work now and then whether it's something I've done digitally or traditionally will vary from time to time so check back now and then.

Other than that I really do try to be friendly and will stay active but between work,school, and my nearly non-existent love life I may vanish from time to time but I'll always check back in eventually. I'm not above taking requests art wise but generally I tend to draw for myself and if other people like it that's cool too. Anyways I look forward to hearing from anyone that may happen to find their way to my page here.


2010-03-10 13:12:29 ET

welcome to sk!

2010-03-10 13:27:40 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2010-03-10 14:20:23 ET

Welcome to SK. Don't mind Gage, he's mainly just distracting you so people can sneak up from behind.

2010-03-10 14:39:37 ET

welcome to sk! <3.

2010-03-10 15:02:00 ET

Hell ya someone new

2010-03-10 16:03:04 ET

Hey alright.

2010-03-10 16:20:33 ET

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. :)

*touches Gage back*

2010-03-10 20:24:26 ET

welcome!. hey, do i know you?

2010-03-11 04:02:27 ET

WELCOME TO SK. I like your layout.

2010-03-12 03:32:01 ET

Thanks. :)

2010-03-13 18:55:08 ET

Welcome to SK. Here's your complimentary spinning dong.

2010-03-17 12:48:09 ET

Thank you Jakeit reminds me of my own lol

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