2010-03-12 03:33:13 ET

I'm thinking about possibly posting an actual picture of myself but I'm not sure.....

Aw the hell with it let me know what you think

2010-03-12 08:32:30 ET

Hello, don't be shy about posting picts. It is highly encouraged and folks like being able to put a face to a name.

...says the guy with no pics.
(There actually are, but the galleries have been hidden.)

2010-03-13 00:44:28 ET

well, ive already seen this one, but i think a self portrait is in order!

2010-03-16 16:31:15 ET

Normally when I try to draw myself it comes out horrible.

2010-03-17 21:45:01 ET

well, im sure pretty much every artist does a self portrait at some point. doesnt have to look just like you. or do you just not like to draw people? have you taken a drawing class before? like drawing 101? cause they teach you proportions in faces that makes it pretty easy.

2010-03-19 07:40:43 ET

I've takin art classes but I never showed up. The teachers were too snooty. And I don't like drawing myself because how I view myself is constantly changing and it influences my art.

2010-03-19 08:03:57 ET

well, doesnt mean you have to do one only and it sum s you up completely... that would just be silly.

you wanted a keychain from texas, right?

2010-03-19 12:25:11 ET

I've doen a few but I'm sure where they are. Might do another one later tonight. And yes a key chain please. :)

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