2010-04-03 23:33:13 ET

Tonight while we were closing up shop some wannabe banggers and their stupid whores they had with them decided to run off with our tip jar some how without us noticing until it was too late. The made off with almost $60 bucks in tips which we worked our asses off for.

Great way to start off Easter sunday huh?

I'm so pissed I can't even fuckin draw for once. >:(

2010-04-04 08:24:24 ET

People just suck.
My husband, after cleaning the winter ickiness off his car, realized he had had a hit and run.
Why can't people earn their own things and make up for it when they mess up things that aren't theirs?

2010-04-04 12:33:18 ET

Cause obviously they weren't raised right. ):

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