This busy life of mine
2007-08-28 17:22:13 ET

Though things at work are hectic, I was reminded to update by ProfessorDrunk ;). You know, don't want to disappoint the SK community, so here I am.

A chaotic work schedule has basically limited my "fun" activities to work and more work. New lines, new clients, new demands. People seem to think they can just squeeze the creativity out of me. Who the fuck are they? I cannot be creative on some else's schedule; it happens when it happens. Clients have always liked my work, so why can't they learn to be patient? Learn some patience. Learn some respect.

2007-08-28 17:52:37 ET

That is a mind boggling concept isn't it?

2007-08-29 02:34:20 ET

It really makes me wonder what people are thinking.

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