Inside OUt    2004-04-22 05:32:08 ET
Okay not much really has been going on lately. My dad has found him a lady friend. Actually I introduced them and well they have been hitting it off great. Which is cool for me cuz now he has someone else helping clean his house and cook and clothes. Like a relief aid on my end. Also I think he deserves happiness for what it is worth.
My brother Mike he is 13 and I walked in on him layed up in his bed with his girlfriend. How about this for irony. I started to tell them to get up and started preaching man do you kids really know what your getting into. Mike said" were just kissing making out" I laughed and said hey So was I at 14 and boom there came my first son. So needless to say I embarressed the hell out of him. Isnt life grand.
So I got an Xbox last week. Need some games though.
Things on the homefront are the same which is good.
I am waiting patiently for July to come for our beach trip.

I need some new music to listen to. Something dark!!! Any IdeAs?

Well Sex and the City starts back up from the begginning on TBS. This should be funny. I mean what are they gonna do cut half the show out. I mean the laugauge alone is enough to cut out what about all the nude scences. HBO I can see it TBS, this should be interesting!!!!

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