Master of the city Jean Claude Vampires KIK ASS
2003-10-21 12:05:59 ET

He stood there perfect. His long black hair in soft waves spilling over his shoulders. He was standing in the middle of a pond. A crucifix scar gleamed in the moonlight over his right nipple. His skin looked unbelievably white against the blackness of the night. Staring into his eyes made me catch my breath; Jean Claude had a beauty about him made him look like a walking statue. He started to moves towards me, the movement was utterly male, graceful as if he heard music in his head that he quietly danced to. Breathe just remember to breathe. Jean Claude has that effect on me you know like that fourteen high school crush. I was drawn to him had to touch him feel him. I entered the pond and the water slowly creep its way around my waist. When I looked up Jean Claude was standing inches away. “I smell your lust like perfume.” He whispered. His voice wrapped around me like velvet and I could do nothing but feel the flow of his voice, the presence of him, like something alive, flowing over my skin.
I knew with a sudden clarity that it wasn’t his power or lust that had called him, it was mine. He could feel how my body tightened, moistened, as he moved towards me. I opened my mouth and let him inside me, ran my tongue between the delicate points. In slipping my tongue between his fangs, I nicked myself. The sweet metallic taste only intensified my hunger. The kiss never stopped as if he were feeding from my mouth, trying to drink me down. I ran my fingers down his chest tracing his scar. I could feel the water grow warmer. I could feel my desire. Taste it. Feel my pulse on my tongue. I opened my eyes and was drowning in his beauty. His face above mine. I was sinking into blackness. Waking up into a real world.

*screw alarm clocks man*

2003-10-21 16:43:41 ET

I love love love love love this series. I've re-read it about 3 times.

2003-10-22 11:29:37 ET

i know is it not addicting did you know they have a shirt that says "Jean-Claude Slept Here" with a bloddy rose under it. I have never wanted to be a human servant so badly in my life *laughs*

till then ma-petite

2003-10-22 12:59:22 ET


oh yeah, I'd sign up for that 4th mark no prob. :) I actually have it bad for Asher. :)

I need that t-shirt.

2003-10-27 09:04:43 ET

im justnow getting into the first book as you know but thanks for turning me on to the series sly =P I'll call ya sometime this week

2003-10-29 13:00:06 ET

Aher hmmm a 3 some with him and Jean Claude Interesting LOL :) I kinda like Nathaniel me self

2003-10-29 15:38:29 ET

oh! Nathaniel!


that hair! those violet eyes!

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