Trick or Treat
2003-10-30 11:07:28 ET

Hmmmm what is the scariest moment you have ever experienced???

2003-10-30 11:18:48 ET

Moving across country was scarry shit!

2003-10-30 11:32:50 ET

*laughs* okay so where did you move to and from?

2003-10-30 11:36:38 ET

Orlando to Detroit (then back). It's a freaky experience when yr in a city like that and you don't know a damn soul.

2003-10-30 11:50:32 ET

Wow I can only imagine man. I lived in west palm for 4 yrs but i had to come back home to VA. Shoot I went to FLa I was like wait a freakin minute man there is like a walmart on every corner. LOL Here at home we have one within a 45 minute radius *smiles* I like the small town scene much better

2003-10-30 11:51:31 ET

walking in on my parents.....
while they were doing things....
*dry heaves*

2003-10-30 11:52:23 ET

Dayum Kil that has to have a lil bit of permanent damage there ya think? *laughs*

2003-10-30 11:53:52 ET

no.. im al-*twitch*-right

2003-10-30 11:56:16 ET

hmmm i think the scariest moment for me would be not so frightful but more disturbed mentally. Emotionally I should qoute

2003-10-30 12:35:07 ET

Hrmm.. scariest moment?
Probably riding in an ambulance with my best friend after he'd overdosed, watching the paramedics fight to keep him alive.

2003-10-30 12:39:14 ET

sound svery scary wow never done that one

2003-10-30 12:43:11 ET

I've had happier moments. :P

2003-11-02 12:28:59 ET

The thought of Roseanne trying to rape while she's holding a turkey breast in one hold and broom in the other and she's wearing a g-string. *gags*

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