Forgive and forget????
2003-11-03 12:20:41 ET

That is what I like to know can you really forgive someone if you can't forget. Like me I have the most fucked up experience I could ever have. (3 yrs ago) yet I thought I have forgiven but I cant forget which fucks me up more so. I wish I could like do a spell or something that would like make me forget or release me of my torment.....whatever why am I such a girl and have to dwell

2003-11-03 12:30:45 ET

You're not the only one that feels that way. I can forget about some stuff.....but a lot of stuff i can't. Maybe it's just normal.

2003-11-03 12:36:55 ET

I suppose but a piece of me is gone and I dont know where to find it and if I ever will. Just sucks I think I am a decent person and I am still trying to find out where I went wrong *laughs*

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