boobs, tits, jugs whatever I want em!!!!
2003-11-04 12:58:51 ET

okay so here is the thing. I want bigger breast. not like nothing dramatic here i am just saying I was the shit when i was breast feeding. I looked better felt better about myself. I think I would go as far as to get implants except I dont want no major major change just a lift *chuckles* I really like to pose for Play Boy. Not for any certain reason just because I think it is tasteful and any one who knows me knows I think naked women are pure beauty, art at its best. Well dayum so much for that rant.

2003-11-04 13:03:27 ET

Naked women are indeed beautiful. :P

2003-11-04 13:09:19 ET

yeah I agree So why blame a girl for wanting improvement heh?

2003-11-04 13:18:18 ET

i know where you're coming from. i believe that if one wants to alter a small piece of their appearance, they have every right to. and if you have the money to do it, more power to ya! i'm always looking for donations. *laughs*

2003-11-04 13:26:02 ET

yeah with 3 kids I should be able to get on some type of extreme make over show *laughs*

2003-11-04 14:36:03 ET

If you're willing, you could always sell your children into slavery. Most people don't do that sort of thing though. *laughs*

2003-11-05 13:03:57 ET

Well hmmm kind of hard to do seeing how I use my children now as slaves you know dishes laundry trash Muwhahahahaha

2003-11-05 21:34:58 ET

Yeah, I understand, my mommy did that to me when I lived with her.

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