2003-12-03 07:39:23 ET

Can I get a hell yeah!!!!!


2003-12-09 07:56:09 ET

what are you talkin about women ? =P anyway i'll try to call you or you call me later or somethin you gotta work all week blah!

2003-12-11 13:28:08 ET

I know right chic. It does we need some major girly time man. I am going to call you in a sec to make plans for tomorrow. Ya know shopping and all. But Also just in case I forget you have been asked to join the family christmas eve dinner with me man at 4 pm. This will be the most coolest dayum day ever for you guys to break the most perfect news to the world. I get to be there weee heee. Anyhoo Later *fades to black*

2003-12-16 07:58:46 ET

hey ya gotta remind me again and ya know i think i gotta work christmas eve! but i'll know for sure in another week or so

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