Incubus Dreams
2004-01-22 04:46:33 ET

I am only 2 books away from finishing the Anita Blake Series. Anyone familar with this books. If not you should take the time to look them up. If you like vampires, sex scenes that are so intense you can't breathe, you'll love these books written by Laurell K. Hamilton. I hope Oct comes soon that is the next release in this series.

~Jean Claude slept here~

2004-01-22 04:56:09 ET

I do belive I have five to go. I borrowed them from a friend and Then I moevd and never got to finish... *drools * I love that seris though..

2004-01-22 06:06:51 ET

How many books in the series?

2004-01-22 08:08:30 ET

WMU- yes I have to say I am in lust with Jean Claude *EG*

Vega- nine and they are all intoxicating. Burnt Offerings so far has been the most intriquing. But if you like blood gore sex and creatures of the unkown you'll love these books.

2004-01-22 08:11:42 ET

Peeerfecccto! Thanks Sly, I am going through books too fast. I need a good series.

2004-01-22 08:13:45 ET

please feel free anytime to let me know what you think. they are quite a read *smiles*

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