Should I stay or Should I go
2004-02-09 04:34:43 ET

I stand here naked
all emotions open, available
Two roads lay before me
Paths that intertwine
yet seperate
Traveled by many
forgotten by others
What lies before me
Perhaps more than I ever knew
Perhaps all I already know
Hunger for what should be mine
Whats been taken away
what have I become...

2004-02-11 20:16:57 ET

Wow.. yeah. Exactly. ...

2004-02-12 03:51:39 ET


2004-02-12 11:05:08 ET

on tuesday I had become undone.

Today I feel better.

2004-02-15 05:21:57 ET

me too.

2004-02-15 05:59:04 ET

thats good.

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