Sex this good can't last forever
2004-02-17 09:21:29 ET

Yes it is true This Sunday Feb. 22, 2004. My gals on Sex in the City will have there last show ever. This is sad but on a good note I think I have heard rumors for a movie??

2004-02-17 09:24:12 ET

Shows like that usually make horrible movies--but rest assured, they'll come out with the DVD box set soon!

2004-02-17 09:26:27 ET

yes I was hoping for that, it is a good show. I mean they do hit upon some really good topics about sex. Box set heh, 6 seasons all in one. A girl could deal with that. *smiles*

2004-02-17 09:33:00 ET

My roomate Karen has forced me to watch it over the past 4 seasons--she has 'sex in the city' parties here. I can't really complain about being the only guy on a couch full of women, lol!

2004-02-21 05:28:35 ET

ahh yeah for real lucky you then!!! Tell Karen I shall cry in tears sunday for the finale show *pouts* my regards dearly.....

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