Oh De De Dear Pooh......
2004-03-12 19:38:17 ET

It's late. I just got back from going out with some friends. We went out to eat, dropped off at my brothers for a few. Then we headed to Wally World to do some last minute shopping.

Ya know nothing is better than walmart at 11pm. No lines, no people. I took off my high heels and just cruised the aisle with ease. Isn't life great.

So now I sit..........

2004-03-12 19:41:54 ET

They used to have dispensers of rubber gloves at my WalMart, and we would come at 11 and I'd take all the rubber gloves, wear each and every pair, and stuff them back in to the dispenser. They don't have the despensers any more...

2004-03-12 19:54:06 ET

Well see now you have ruined the fun for everyone else *pouts*

2004-03-12 19:56:34 ET

Hush. It's not like they put out a national memo saying "some long haired dick is screwing with our rubber gloves! Put em away!"

2004-03-12 19:59:58 ET

*blushes* Oh yes got it play it cool

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