Anita Blake
2004-04-14 12:57:15 ET

So I just joined this new rpg. All about vampires and such Gotta Love it. Now I can hardly contain myself. Hmmm which character shall I be???

2004-04-14 16:18:49 ET

once i walked in on my roomates playing D+D and there were like 15 nerds all speaking another language.
it was like i had fallen into a parrallel universe of methodically calculated point and level systems.
tottally out of my element.
so scared...
god lol

2004-04-16 07:28:25 ET

*laughs* I could only imagine. I have played that before (I suppose that puts me in nerd catagory). This is cool though more writing involved, I love to use my imagination. Just a kid at heart man. You should come and play!

2004-04-16 14:06:04 ET

you know whats funny is that i actually came up with a nerd-classification system that uses ranks, hit points, and levels.

which automatically makes me the biggest nerd in existance.
which is level 999.

yes there is such thing as nerd materia. and i have all of it.

muah hah hah hah!

2004-04-22 05:22:54 ET

*smiles* Well then just for your information I think nerds rule LOL
Just bites that your 999 on the point scale. I always like being on the highest level, I'm jealous man *pouts*

2004-04-23 15:15:24 ET

but having a high nerd level just makes people make fun of you more

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