2006-03-14 13:31:30 ET

Well the new book is now offically out. Laurell K Hamilton new release Micah Wooo Hooo Vampires here I come *evil grin*

2006-03-14 13:46:31 ET

I have just finished Circus of the Damned. I don't like any of the characters or how they handle certain situations... but I cannot stop reading.

Anita should just buy an auto shottie and go to f'n town.

2006-05-05 15:55:48 ET

well that is not one of her best it was more so a beginning book. You so need to check out the rest of the series. Jean Claude will have you raptured and if you can't stand the reserve aAnita has in these books then you need to read her fairy series called Merry Gentry The Princess of all that is Dark. These 3 novels are kick ass.

Let me know what you think I have read all 16 books :)

2006-05-05 16:23:53 ET

I wrote some fanfic about her and Edward once, just because I think they were made for eachother.

Can you tell me what order the books come in? I think have been reading them out of order. :( I'll definitely check out those other ones once I get through my latest set of Gibsons.

2006-05-07 15:31:02 ET

Sure thing this is list......

Guilty Pleasures
The Laughing Corspe
Circus of the Damned
The Lunitic Cafe
Bloody Bones
The Killing Dance
Burnt Offerings
Blue Moon
Obsidean Butterfly
Narcissus in Chains
Cerulean Sins
Incubus Dreams

2006-05-07 20:52:43 ET

Excellent thanks! Now I just need to take a trip borders...

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