I feel old!!!!
2006-07-07 19:07:28 ET

13 years ago to this day I became a proud mother, *cries* My little boy is now a little man. Bittersweet having babies I tell ya. But can I just say my oldest Kevin, he has made me proud. He plays the drums and is really good at it. This is not just a mother braggin about her boy either. Now I have 9 days till my other fella turns 8. I only wish you could see him screamin on a mic!!!!! I believe my boys will have something very special someday! Only time will tell and until then I'll enjoys watching my littles one grow!!! and just while I'm at it I have to say something about my littlest one, my girl the sweetest thing ever She is 3yrs so you can only imagine the cuteness she gives !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm I'll put a pic of my babies in me sly gallery *smiles*

2006-10-17 17:58:42 ET

youuuu should update once in a while lol

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