2002-09-12 11:00:06 ET

I was chatting with my best friend "NicSinn" about what all she does online and she introduced me to this site. So maybe I'll meet some interesting ppl here. As for today all I have to say is I just got my account up and running and I post more as of tomorrow.


2002-09-12 11:00:59 ET

welcome to SK.NET :) Check out this test to see what member you are most like .. iif any:

be well :)

Dont' be frightened by all the rabid EMO KIDS running around.... heh. And SK.NET can be addictive~!

2002-09-12 11:03:00 ET

~running around~ us emo kids arent so bad..

and hi new person..

2002-09-12 11:03:18 ET

welcome to sk....and vasa is right....its addictive

(but he only wants you to take the quiz because HE'S one of the results)
vasa you boob :P j/k

2002-09-12 11:04:15 ET

i got him when i took it that bad?.. :0)

2002-09-12 11:04:17 ET

well yes this is true..But I have determined that no one ever gets me on the quiz :( I am not a boob!~ I am a gooberusmaximus ... :)

if you get me on the quiz that means there is something wrong with you and you are going to hell! I don't means we might have something in common. The quiz is a tactic to get me's actually randomized to some degree :( ~cry~

2002-09-12 11:06:43 ET


2002-09-12 11:15:53 ET


You are moxie. You built this god forsaken software to be the most efficient piece of software ever written. If only you all could see the sourcecode, it's beautiful. He likes to take pictures of construction, play with his adorable kitty, and listens to way too much alt.90's.

What subkultures member are you?

Okay that was interesting *laughs* Moxie heh

2002-09-12 11:20:30 ET

you are SUCH a boob.....

but we love you for it!


2002-09-12 11:36:29 ET

welcome Sly =)

p.s. i also was a "moxie" when i took this test :P

2002-09-12 11:43:13 ET

2002-09-12 11:45:41 ET

lol!.. HELLo tHERE. welcome to subkultures.

2002-09-12 11:45:59 ET

ooops!!! ment to say WELCOME!!!
i'm soooo clumsy... :)

2002-09-12 11:46:23 ET


2002-09-12 11:48:28 ET

I am not a boob! gooberusmaximus! Say it !! you know you want too :P

2002-09-12 11:58:47 ET


You WISH you were huskarl. He is cooler than everyone on End of story.

What subkultures member are you?

2002-09-12 13:21:30 ET

Benvenuta! (Welcome in italian :))

2002-09-12 15:17:41 ET

This may be kind of late but hey!

2002-09-12 18:55:48 ET

hey ghoul, welcome to subkultures........and hey be sure to call me tonight bout your bro's party, cuz i dont have a clue where it is....

2002-09-12 20:19:32 ET

Hey , I'm the Avant-Gardian-Angel, many faces , many looks , watching over all the folks here @ Welcome.

2002-09-13 01:38:52 ET

Welcome , gorgeous !

2002-09-13 06:40:59 ET

welcome to the madhouse ;)

2002-09-14 03:55:32 ET


and nothing wrong with being a moxie :)

2002-09-14 12:11:44 ET

greetings................ n shite.....

2002-09-15 02:10:57 ET

hello and welcome!;)

2002-09-16 03:18:15 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

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