Not alot
2003-01-08 01:57:41 ET

Not much going on these days. Wake up go to work come home watch a lil TV and then go to bed. What a drag!!! Oh did ya know today is ELVIS's Birthday!!! Long live The King!!!

Thank you , Thank you Very Much!!

2003-01-08 04:09:43 ET

Elvis a Capricorn? never knew that

2003-01-08 06:18:59 ET

someone named casey hates elvis...

2003-01-08 19:15:07 ET

mmm i knew it was his birthday cuz just like you i love me some elvis ;) but the 50's elvis way before he went all vegas of course hehe.

2003-01-09 03:08:25 ET

he was so handsome back then....yet it's the vegas elvis that is so fascinating....and the big icon of pop culture :)

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