5 weeks and counting
2003-01-09 02:58:31 ET

I have about 5 weeks and then my newest arrival will be here. Let me tell ya. This is blowing my mind man I cant wait any longer. I just want to be able to see her face and kiss her wee wittle lips and throw some major pink girly stuff on this chap. I am so sick of living in a house with 3 males ACKKK!!! About time I shall have a partner in crime. Plus I miss my cool clothes.

2003-01-09 18:52:03 ET

still kinda crazy its only 5 weeks away...seems like to just got knocked up lol =p woah this means i got to be more prepared for being in the delivery room heh

2003-01-10 02:07:24 ET

I know right *S* Exciting isnt it

2003-01-10 17:47:32 ET

yes it is :)....oh yeh i wanted to come hang with you guys tonight maybe get a movie or something but im feelin all sick :( maybe sunday night?

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