Need advice!!!
2003-01-15 05:44:48 ET

okay so like I have this ex best friend that I havent heard from in over 2 yrs due to a long story that most of ya wouldnt care to hear about. But needless to say this girl was a major part of my life. Even to the point of being in the delivery room with me and my husband when my 2nd child was born. I got a phone call from her last night and she called crying apologizing for the lack of communications and losing her best friend for 2 yrs over something so trivial. We talked on the phone for 3 hours catching up and it was great. When we hung up she gave me her number and left the ball in my court to call her back. I really miss her friendship but I just dont want to get hurt again. I know I will call her but when should I and can you really pick up were you left off. Debating on calling her tonight or at least waiting a day. I dont want to seem to vunarable like and yet I dont want to give her the impression that I dont want to be friends. Any Idea??

2003-01-15 09:50:55 ET

thats a tough one. but she reached out to you...i think you should let bygones be bygones and renew the friendship. once you make the decision, everything else will come naturally

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