Better Places
2003-01-29 06:59:36 ET

My Grandfather passed away monday.It's raining outside so the weather fits the mood. 2 weeks and counting for my due date. Lost this thing they call a mucus plug which means I could go into labor today or two weeks from now The waiting is killing me. Like when a death occurs a birth happens ironic heh

2003-01-29 07:11:15 ET

it is somewhat ironic. Perhaps the part of your grandfather is to be born again. a lesson he had to learn needs to be taught once more. My condolenses to you to for you loss. My congratulations on your gain. You will make an excellent mother I believe.

2003-01-29 07:12:08 ET

im sorry to hear of your loss

2003-01-29 07:57:20 ET

Congrats and good luck on your baby.

2003-01-29 18:28:49 ET

Sly is an excellent mother hehe! and sorry to hear about your grandpa :( call me we shall hang out, i am NOT gonna be a hermit anymore when it comes to getting out in the wretched town! lol

2003-01-30 07:20:36 ET

Thanks you guys!!! Means so much to me.

Vasa- thanks for the codes for me new page!!!

DigitalChoas- Where the hell have you been *S*

Thanks for your kind words azraeltrigger!

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