2003-02-03 05:52:41 ET

Well this thursday my husband has his appointment for his operation. After 2 boys and now a baby girl due anyday he has made the step to prevent furthur pregnancys. After talking to my doctor and finding out the risk on my behalf and doing the same for him he offered to take the surgery rather than myself. Lucky me heh most other friend of mine have had there husband say hell no no one is going there *laughs* Lucky gal I am for him to do this for me!! Must be true love heh. Now I have 5 days to pamper on him like a baby *giggoles* Shoot I'll let him milk it for what its worth cuz he only has 3 days off of work to where I'll be getting 6 weeks and then I will be the one with the ahhh baby would you mind getiing , doing, helping, with whatever *S*

2003-02-03 18:23:40 ET

yeh it is really cool of shane to do that considering most men wouldnt...and hey im coming over wed night to bid his balls farewell lmao nah he know's im fuckin with him cuz he likes a bro to me ;)

2003-02-03 21:32:08 ET

that's great for him get that done! my bf may get a vasectomy. hopehope.

2003-02-04 04:03:48 ET

Cool see ya wed night for our annual tv show LOL only 10 episodes left *cries and pounds fist*

Winterfae way to go well if he wants to know what it is like I can tell you after thursday LOL

2003-02-04 08:36:15 ET

hehe yeh i was gonna say i could bring over those two movies i was tellin ya about but one of them the kids really cant see any of!! so i'll wait to a weekend where i can rent one for them and then we can watch clockwork orange...anyway call me, see ya wed =p

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