fed up
2003-02-10 01:20:03 ET

Okay so now I am so sick and tired of being pregnant I am online at the crack of dawn looking for ways to self induce and I am so sure I want even bother with any of it but geez this is plan out torture *sighs* Just 13 more days till due date which is far too long

2003-02-11 20:32:10 ET

13 days?? jeez thought the docs said it could be any day now lol well ok i know your tired of bein pregnant but better not go havin that baby thursday through saturday wait till get back in town haha

2003-02-12 02:31:03 ET

Yeah for real that would suck if you missed it LOL ALl the more reason you were to stay home the month of Feb . *laughs* I think your safe though the next full moon is the 16th Sunday YAY

2003-02-12 12:27:52 ET

yeh i havent been anywhere this month sooo i need a weekend out =p anyway i'll see you tonight im sure....

2003-02-21 14:14:13 ET

hang in there- you'll have a little angel/devil in no time!

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