knock knock........
2003-05-22 14:04:25 ET

So hey been doing much of nothing for the past few months. I think to be all honest I need one good night out on the town and just get wasted. I think every needs that once and a while and my while has been coming for quite sometime. So hey now I just need some motivation......

2003-05-22 14:33:42 ET

w00t w00t parrrrrty

2003-05-22 17:15:55 ET

woah wait question:
You've been married since you were 13?

2003-05-22 19:14:16 ET

although i know the answer to that question syko i'll let sly answer ya lol ;)........

and hey girl we are gonna go out sometime soon i swear! i know i keep sayin i'll stay in town and we go out and do something but really i am soon lol

2003-05-23 04:57:13 ET

Sly-yeah, I'm getting that urge myself. I've been pretty cooped up for some time-partly recovering from my second job. Now, it's time to go out and get wasted.
Nic~you show that gal a good time LOL :D

2003-05-24 04:37:18 ET

So Syko to make a long story short I met my first boyfriend at age 14. Got married and had my first child at 15. So since Jan 1991 I have been with my husband. No one else just him and so far so good. Been together now 12 yrs and 3 kids later all five yrs apart. We even had a band together and put out 2 cd's. Anyways I suppose I am lucky the only question I get the most from ppl, they all want to know if I ever want to BE with someone else or ever wonder? LOL well the answer to that is a lil more complicated *smiles* So there is my fairy tale. *laughs*

2003-05-24 06:16:38 ET

Hey, as long you guys are happy, and your kids are, too, then it's all good. :) Just a different story than most!

How old was he when you guys met?

2003-05-25 09:28:25 ET

*laughs* Hmmm the very first time I was 7 and he was nine and he gigged me on his bike as he rode by my house and I called him a girl cuz he had long hair. Then we went to school together and we even had the same 5th grade class. He moved to the county and that is when it took 3 yrs before I met him agian hanging at the local mall. I had just turned 14 when we first started talking on the phone and 3 months later he asked me out and as Jan 19th, 1991 we have been together since. Kinda cool but one thing I have to worry about is when will this fairy tale end? Some times sucks to have it all heh?

2003-05-25 13:09:41 ET

Fairy tales don't end, they live happily ever after :)

2003-05-26 10:59:05 ET


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