Nothing as usual
2003-05-26 11:20:00 ET

Well not much today. Hmmm woke up cleaned house, and excercised for an hour and I am so out of shape. Watching now on TV Planet of the Apes. The ol school series. I love this show..

2003-05-28 21:27:06 ET

Thats why you have to keep doing it... :)

Hell, even maintenance workouts are better than nothing...especially since it gets you used to doing it as routine.

2003-05-30 05:25:37 ET

i know right *smiles*

2003-05-30 10:12:10 ET

now, to make it more fun, you practice with weapons, but I doubt the local constabulary would look kindly if I went running in partial chain with a sword strapped to my back...even though I'm going to need to start doing that at one point.

Or I could load my backpack with sandbags...

2003-06-01 10:42:37 ET

*laughs* your a mess. I could see me now running around this hick town with a sword on my back LOL Hmmm interesting thought though i doubt i could make it. Like I say I am way out of shape I need a personal trainer....

2003-06-01 18:10:36 ET

I'm not going crazy...I'm going sane in a crazy world!

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