words have been lost
2003-06-05 04:44:05 ET

Not much my way. At work so I will have to make this post small. Wouldnt wanna get in trouble *laughs* Well if it ever stops raining I may actually get tp move in my new home. Just have to wauit to get the land cleared and cant do that till the rain stops and it has been raining solid now for like a month. Maybe I shall be able to move come christmas. This sux...

2003-06-05 05:54:02 ET

what was it? april showers bring may flowers? it's june already and i see too much rain and few flowers. hmph. blasted cliche.
either way, hope you get to move in soon :)

2003-06-08 12:22:50 ET

thanks I need that *S* I need to learn a spell to stop the rain for at least a week *laughs*

2003-06-08 18:41:15 ET

hehe not to rub it in again but *sticks tongue out* i got to enjoy a week of no rain while in ga muwhahaha but damn it was really hot =P

2003-06-09 10:16:15 ET

moving can be hell, but the energy of being in a new place can be great.

good luck and stuff

2003-06-27 14:25:37 ET

thanks ever so much *S*

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