So: Things I Hate (A Gawth Rant)
2005-11-23 11:16:14 ET

1. People who change their names on sites because they found something "kewler" than 2goth4u. Choose one. Stick with it. Live with the shame of your lack of creativity.

2. The U.S. Postal service.

3. Fuckin' USMC mothafuckas who want me to enlist still. Somehow THEIR mail gets here, while my PVC corset is nowhere to be seen, goddamit. And please allow me to elucidate: ONE WEEKEND A MONTH MY ~*ASS*~. If you join the Corps and don't realize there's a war on, you deserve it, but really...

4. Ricers. This is a whiny thing, because my neighborhood is full of them, and they all choose Civics and dear sweet god there was one Cavalier that needed to be shot to put it out of its 6" wheel misery...but today was the worst. This brings us to:

5. ANYONE WHO WOULD PUT A FLOWMASTER SUPER 40 ON A FUCKING FORD F-250.I mean, really, what the hell. So now it sounds like it has a hemi with a deep-seated phlegm problem, and pulls like a VW Bug because the 2-chamber does NOT have the airflow for a freakin' pickup truck, having been really made to handle some of the better stuff on...i don't know...a MUSTANG?!?!

Seriously. People. Hemi and a glasspack. If your truck goes down my street and I think "damn, pretty truck, too bad it's got an inline six imbalan-WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FOLGERS CAN ON THE TAILPIPE" we have a problem.

I want my pickup, dammit, so I can show you dumbasses how it works. Also: the rusty Mustang WILL be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

2005-11-23 11:42:43 ET


1. People who change their names on sites because they found something "kewler" than 2goth4u. Choose one. Stick with it. Live with the shame of your lack of creativity.
I rushed my SK application 3 years ago. I wholeheartedly regret the zeros. But I live with it. Shamefully.

2005-11-23 11:52:28 ET

i'm okay with ricers so long as they spend that much money under the hood too.

there's a dude at work that bought a new cobalt. my car is fast, my roomate's car is fast, our boss's car is fast. he wanted his fast too. we were tellin' him to get a supercharger and at least do what he could with his shit, instead he spent the money on a fugly body kit and got quad exhaust (one for each cylinder) that doesn't even work. had he spent half the money he could've easily added 50 horse to his car, instead it sounds like a beast as it go flyin' past it.

2005-11-23 21:21:26 ET

cars....O,O? ???????

2005-11-23 21:25:57 ET

She's a multifaceted girl.

2005-11-24 15:12:38 ET

Okay, Doing replies all in one go:

j00ley: You're brave, and that's fab. Mostly the people that ex me have at least 5 screennames in as many weeks and then get mad when I forget who the heck they are because they're no longer "Crimson Myst" because "Burnyng Soule" seemed more gawth. No, those aren't the real ones, cuz I'm nice. But they're just as silly. :)

Y.D.K.Jake: Agreed. I just think the order should be Maintenance, Performance, Accesories, Body Kit; unless there's something that's really necessary to the important bits that requires body work. If you had to add new vents or intakes, fab. But if you're like "OMG ALTEZZAS SPINNERS UV GREEN PAINT AND A" then I shall eat you. In tiny pieces. It's not the "ricing out" or the look, it's the lack of research. Your machine is your own, and should reflect that...but hurting a car by making it perform crappy and not taking the time to learn about it is just ye-uck.

Raebies: I know. I know. But cars are a subculture these days (i weep) and I <3's them. Also: you made anime face, so we like you.

Corpsetacular: Not so much. But she is opinionated, and has an amazing boyfriend who nurtures her in all things and is teaching her lots. So maybe a few facets.

2005-11-24 15:56:23 ET

i like this face ^,^ its cute

2005-11-24 23:52:10 ET

Ooops. er. "I"

I have this horrible tendency to speak in first person plural, particularly about cute things. One of these days I WILL fix that.

(prolly not)

Also, I like the vaguely annoyed face: -_-;;

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