After I was Dumb
2005-11-25 02:06:50 ET

Because no holiday is REALLY a holiday unless there's some serious illness involved.

On the other hand, we managed to miss the ER tonight, because I am stubborn.

Almost died (again, so we can be laissez-faire about it, it's not really special anymore), but got better. Would have much rather been turned into a newt, particularly if it's Claw's newt, who is adorable and gets to swim and uproot plants all day. Fire-bellies are also apparently inherently "goth" due to coloring, so yes.

The lack of clothing is another big draw.

Death, on the other hand, has none of these, save perhaps gothiness, and clothing tends to be required. Also embalming, which does not look comfortable, but is still preferable to mummification in terms of "Eww" factor with the whole internal organs dealie. Because yes, the Egyptians either took your brain out your nose and THEN left you to rot in the sun for 3 days, or vice versa. Can't remember the order, either way it's a bit unappetizing.


In other news, I have chemical burn on my lips and inside my mouth, which will hopefully quiet down by tomorrow, and my throat feels like I went through a pack of cloves in less than an hour, which is oog. But I get to see my boy this weekend, because he's fantabulous, and I am far gone on benadryl, so sleep will be easy.

And the holiday is OVER. Finally.

On To Christmas! ....T_T

2005-11-25 06:28:54 ET

I feel obliged to ask. How did you get chemical burns in your mouth?

Mummification isn't all *that* bad. At least it's done lovingly. Or is supposed to be, anyways.

2005-11-25 11:42:32 ET

Well, yes, and I suppose you're already dead, so you really shouldn't care all that much. All in all, I much prefer mass amounts of bandage over, say, the white frilly dress you'd never wear in a million years but would look "SO GOOD" on you for the funeral.

And the chemical burn are because I am incredibly allergic to walnuts, and managed to eat something with them in it, because I am clever and do not read lists as often as I should.

They come off a TREE, chemical burns shouldn't happen. XD

2005-11-25 22:40:06 ET

I got chemical burns from a bleach tree, once.

2005-11-26 02:42:25 ET

Ahh, yes, the elusive bleach tree. Found only in the deepest jungles of the suburban midwest, wherever SUV's are king and roving bands of soccer moms seek to keep their kids' uniforms "whiter-than-white." But beware, brave explorer, for the plains are also home to the massive beast known as the AYSO-Volvo, which can run you down with a single press of a well-pedicured foot to the accelerator.

you gotta watch out, them things are deadly. Also: 6am responses make me loopy.

2005-11-26 09:23:13 ET

You're telling me. I keep getting chased by packs of Nissans, and this is just a little spot on the rocks.

Nothing you say at 6 am is allowed to be completely logical. So sayeth the wise....

2005-11-27 14:59:42 ET

Ohhh, Nissans. They're grumpy little buggers. People keep putting scary decals on cars, expecting nothing to come of it, and then one day, BAM, mass revolution.

fortunately, being Nissans, it's not a particularly SCARY revolution.

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