Convos With My Psyche
2005-12-01 04:15:10 ET

It has been three days, and I have yet to get more than 5 hours of sleep, two of which were yesterday afternoon. As I slave over my computer on this idiotic paper I hear a noise behind me, and turn. Willem DaFoe is standing near my bookshelf, where he has been for most of the evening, sipping coffee and browsing over "Memoirs of a Geisha." He looks up and cocks an eyebrow at me.

"Are you done yet? You've been at this all night."

"I'm well aware, thank you. This is a legitimately annoying piece of work, and it requires concentration." I return to my screen, typing furiously.

He coughs genteely. "It looked to me as though quite a lot of that "work" was decidedly gaming-related. Or prose related. Or online-auction related, or song related, or..."

I sigh.

"I know. That's true. We've sort of been slacking off. But there has been work done. I'm sure of it."

"Really? Are you?"

"No. But there should be progress here somewhere. I have 400 pages open to do this damn thing, one of them must have the answers on it, right?"

"...One of them has naked women on it."

"Okay, yes, well, one of the others, then. And shut up."

"Look, are you sure you can afford to screw yourself over on this paper? Can you actually remember turning in any work for this class, apart from one other half-assed article?"

"...No. But I can do this. I just have to...buckle down. A bit."

"...Says the girl who just installed "World of Warcraft" on her machine and who is trying desperately to be inconspicuous as she contrasts class types. This is not something we can afford to do if we plan to ever, for example, graduate. Let alone pass any classes."

"It will not be a problem. I can still get things done. Work will come first...stop leaning on the bookshelf, too. The shifting noises are distracting."

He huffs at me, flopping down on the bed instead, blond hair contrasting with the sheets as he holds the book directly perpendicular to his head and pretends to read before tossing me an aside:

"I really hope you're certain about that one. For your own sake."

"Yes. I am. Now shut up and pass me that goddamn coffee."

2005-12-01 08:06:56 ET


I NEED to be an insomniac again, of all the celebrities I saw, Willem Dafoe was sadly not one of them. Damn.

2005-12-01 14:20:38 ET

lol@ Pez

I don't get much sleep either. It's all because of school as well. And I do the same thing with papers. And my semester ends in just two weeks. LOL

2005-12-01 15:21:29 ET

Same here, with the semester ending dealie. This is without a doubt the worst semester of my life.

On the other hand, Willem DaFoe was hot, even if he was insanity induced.

2005-12-01 15:28:41 ET

At least he was hot ...

I should be writing papers right now ... but I just don't see that happening.

2005-12-01 15:32:26 ET

I'm in CLASS right now. >.<

2005-12-01 16:06:49 ET

Was hot? No. Is hot.


2005-12-02 22:32:04 ET


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