Hectic Week
2005-12-03 03:16:10 ET

Well, I finally crashed early this morning, so no more conversations with Willem...well, not that I'll post, anyway. In other news, World of Warcraft owns my soul, and I finally got around to uploading the pictures I took when I went Christmas shopping, as well as all the ones we'd been ignoring before that on the same memory card.While going through these, not only did I find an ultra-cute one of the boyfriend (which is now posted here) I also found a pic I took of a fish in a weird fish-bowl thing. It was so sad when I took it, because he just looked like he wanted to come out to play.

When I finally uploaded it today and got to see it closer up, as my zoom lens had captured it, he was actually making a little sad fishie face!

Now I feel guilty for not rescuing him...T_T

Maybe we should go liberate him?

I've posted it in a new album. Free fishies forever!

2005-12-03 08:36:46 ET

Aww, poor swim. My itchy back sends it's condolences to 'im. And it's about time you slept :P

2005-12-03 08:54:49 ET

free the fishies!

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