Big Honkin' Update
2005-12-06 22:52:00 ET

Oi oi...what a crazy weekend. Ostensibly, I was supposed to be working this weekend--I had work to do, and still do now, but I am fucking exhausted--the stress of the week finally caught up with me, and the grand finale of Sophia's needing a hospital jaunt on Thursday night just did me in, leaving me totally drained.

So, to make up for this, I did nothing. Mwa ha ha ha...go me.

Friday was spent shopping, cleaning my house, and picking up my pretty new sharps, which are lovely lovely things. Other than that, I mostly played World of Warcraft and dreamed of getting to see the lovely boy that haunts most of my waking hours as well. Played with Sophia a bunch.

Saturday Sophie went to daddy's...he picked her up at about 3pm, and I headed out to meet up with the Cartoonist for a snack, which didn't do all that well, food apparently being the bane of my existence, even when it includes strawberry jam. It was good to see him again, even though thanks to the miracle of the Devon bus it took me forever to get anywhere. Also, today was the first day I tried wearing a head scarf, which is a compromise between me and my neighbors in an attempt to get them to, essentially, bugger off and leave me alone. Fortunately it keeps my ears warm, too, so I don't feel too weird caving like that. After snacktime, I headed up to school and over to Warehouse to chat about wine for a little bit. I keep hoping that fabulous Spanish stuff will show up again, but no dice.

Gave up on getting flirted with and tortured there (Gabe is the master of poking and prodding until I spar with him, and Scott just laughs at me), since things are still semi-weird from Scott kissing me, even though that was ages ago...I just tend to keep my distance, and that seems to have changed things. I headed out just in time to see the Grant-dubbed "Bitchin' Camaro" roll up with the most beautiful man in the world inside, and got to get in the nice warm car and go to Claw's house, which I enjoy far too much apparently. I always look forward to dinner with his family...makes my family life feel a little less fractured, and his dad is possibly one of the funnier people alive.

I also broke one of my own rules and went on a date to an actual MOVIE...we saw "Walk the Line," which was out-freaking-standing, and reminded me of all the reasons I love Johnny Cash. Yes, I am a lousy goth. I know. At least he wears black, okay? Anyway, had a beautiful night, and stayed at Claw's, and made a run to Meijer that didn't result in anything with a sexual innuendo-name of any sort.

Slept in the safety of his aura...pure bliss...<3

Sunday was...hectic. And not so good. And shall remain undiscussed, with the exception of the fact that Claw once again proved himself to be a wonderfully protective, caring boyfriend, and made me love him even more.

Pretty sure I will run out of heart and soul space before he stops impressing me...but yes. Enough sappy stuff.


2005-12-06 22:59:19 ET

I'm trying to say something with a little content, but I'm just too dazed right now to comment with more than a grunt. So here you go:


It was heartfelt, honest.

2005-12-07 02:51:15 ET

why are thye making you wear a head scarf?

2005-12-07 20:45:39 ET

*laughing* oooh, long post dazedness. It was a very articulate grunt, thank you, hon.

And I'm not being made to, but my neighbors are sort of conservative, some Islamic, some not, and they have NO idea what to make of a goth girl. So I bought a maroon head scarf-thing that keeps my ears warm. It makes them giggle (particularly the wives), especially when I pair it with fishnets and a black jacket. :-D

2005-12-07 21:19:10 ET

haha thats awful nice of you

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