O.O I Almost Forgot! O.O
2005-12-19 01:11:17 ET

I got a MONKEY!

His name, unfortunately for him, is Esau. It wasn't going to be--the name started as a joke ("Look! Issa monkey!" issa=esau... ^ ^;;) but then I woke up this morning, went to put him in my duffel bag, and found myself checking him off my list of things to remember.

Toothbrush? Check. Shirt? Check. Esau? Check...damn.

Yeah, apparently the name stuck. He's just so darn cute! <3 <3 <3

I haven't gotten a stuffed toy as a gift in ages, and he's the softest, snuggliest little guy ever, and I love love love him!

phweeeee, I'm five years old, and I don't care one bit, cuz i have a MONKEYYY!

(thank you, my beautiful Casey Jones.)

2005-12-19 02:34:50 ET

At first I thought you meant a real monkey.

2005-12-19 03:27:01 ET

haha me too

2005-12-19 07:45:51 ET

Same deal here. I should show you the... er, well, thing I got Lisa. It's a bit beyond description.

2005-12-20 01:20:26 ET

Niuuu, I wish It were a real monkey. But then I'd have to care for it...that would be lovely were it a sugar-monkey, however, who are just adorable. Or a lemur, just to stay on the marsupial track.

I wanna see the bear-thing, boy! we needs pictures.

Also: Dos ph' fridj retlah d' brornen, ussta abbil. Aluve. (can't believe you came out with that one. It'll be elvish next...)

2005-12-20 09:46:52 ET

Udos ph' naut ji mzilt wund nindyn yibin darthiir. Udos lgor nind ph' fridj vith ste'kolen. I'll email you the... er... whatever it is tomorrow, mmkay?

2005-12-20 18:36:46 ET

*lmao* I didn't even know how to...okay, I admit, I had to look up "vith."

Curses on me for not knowing more bad words...

Telanthaad ilythiiri zhah ves ssin'urn, rilu'oh.

2005-12-20 21:18:00 ET

Uss zhaun.

2005-12-21 20:07:47 ET


Modest. :-p

2005-12-21 22:14:49 ET

S'how I am.

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