w00t, Xmas
2005-12-24 20:30:00 ET


So, yes, the Solstice dealie. The weirdest solstice dreams ever, indeed. I mean seriously, the likes of Joseph.

I dreamt of a city that was light and dark at the same time, that was running like a moebius strip--all one sided, but two sided. I dreamed of Janus, the god of doors. I dreamt that my mother was alive and dead, here for one more day but aware of her impending passing.

I dreamt that Janus told me to choose one of two doors, light or dark, and I could not, because I didn't know what door would leave me alone.

I dreamt of the death and rebirth of a thousand thousand cities, all at once.

There were no fat cows and thin cows, but I know it did mean something, this cavalcade of insanity.

I chose the light door, to the best of my knowledge; tonight I'm here with Claw, spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with him--together, blessed, amused, and loved...even if I did beat them in Upwords.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Blessed Yule, and Jolly Kwanzaa. If I missed any holidays...I'll get to it.

Sleep well, my friends.

2005-12-24 21:38:01 ET

Merry Mess! *holiday hug*

I always get moebius strips and bosium strips mixed up.

2005-12-25 13:05:27 ET

...okay, I'm such a geek that I can only think of the MTG card...which, by the way, is badass, but still doesn't win out over Yawgmoth's Will.

So yes. I am now incredibly less sexy, I understand. >.<<BR>
oh well.

2005-12-25 14:21:17 ET

Yawgmoth's Will, eh? She's an old-school girl. I had this obsession with Oath of Lim-Dul and Necropotence. Oh, and Teeka's Dragon. Multiple blockers? I think not!

Nowadays all I've got is a Phage deck.

2005-12-27 15:20:32 ET

Yeah, Yawgmoth's done been bannded. :( I have way too many old cards hanging around this place for anybody's good.

Right now I'm holding on to a black and white angel deck, and the dreaded elf-deck...still haven't really gotten in to most of the newer boosters, as I haven't been able to justify spending the money.

2005-12-27 17:21:11 ET

I haven't bought anything since... uh, well, since the redesign. Didn't buy much of the last couple sets before that, although I *did* get me four Phage the Untouchables. Mmmm. My favourite, though.. the Rath Cycle. Oh, that trio was just magical.

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