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2006-01-05 06:20:25 ET

Picked up another copy of the Pratchett/Gaiman masterpiece that is "Good Omens" the other day--the last copy was somewhere around as old as I am, and didn't withstand two generations of children (not to mention 2 generations of readers) all that well, it being a paperback and all. So now I have a pretty, pristine copy all to myself, which is wonderful but also a bit weird: books are like shoes, you know? They're always vaguely uncomfortable until they've been broken in. The first pages need to be ruffled, the glue of the spine cracked a bit, and the pages stained with the first few batches of fingerprints before it stops smelling of bookstore and gets that inexplicably comfortable smell of old paper.

Can you tell I love to read?

That smell is, actually, one of the only reasons I even visit churches, and helps me feel comfortable in them, too. The sanctuary always carries the scent of bibles and hymnals, held for years and years and passed through hundreds of hands until they gather a sort of life of their own. The pages begin to feel like leaves; all thin and wispy and soft, like my grandmother's skin when I was a kid.

One other thing I have accomplished while shopping is, amazingly enough, to procure myself not one but two shelves in my kitchen full of my favorites: one shelf full of indian food (sans the dreaded curried super-sperm, Claw. Everyone else, don't ask. Just don't ever eat curried bean sprouts around me, please, or I may asphyxiate,) and one shelf full of Leeloo-Style junk food: trail mix, sesame sticks, squash seeds, granola, and soy milk. Also the aforementioned plantains, which I love.

This is at complete odds with the rest of the kitchen, which is filled with pizza and fried food, but at least it's a start.

I think it's totally unfair having to try to eat well when stuck in a house with someone who, essentially, has no lower intestine.


My tomato juice is kicking the crap out of his soda in the fridge as we speak.

Health food lovers represent! ..m/

In other news: WoW still owns my soul, Claw is the best quest buddy a girl could have, and D-Bag's a pansytwat for playing Alliance. That is all.

2006-01-05 06:28:35 ET

nice paragraph on books

My fridge is empty

2006-01-05 07:53:59 ET

I know exactly what you mean about trying to stay healthy with "someone who doesn't have a lower intestine". My boy has the most irregular eating schedule, and eats nothing but junk and alot of bready stuff. Lots of times I'm cranky because I haven't eaten in way too long, or lethargic because what I ate is so full of fat. Not to mention I have an incredibly sensitive GI system. Gah.

You know, you're probably the second person I know that simply prefers healthy food over regular junky food. I just think it tastes better.

2006-01-05 10:21:16 ET

Mmm, healthies!

People these days don't get enough fibre. I love books too!

I have to go rub my eyes now.

2006-01-05 10:40:02 ET

I copied and pasted into notepad

2006-01-05 14:14:30 ET

Okay, I'm awake now.

Long ago, when I was just a little child, I bought a copy of ET: The Book of the Green Planet. Upon opening it, I was delighted to find it came with a prize...

Yes, they're a nuisance, but there's this strange charm to having a a few little bookworm tunnels through the pages of a book. It's not just home to the story anymore, or the little fragments of imagination that rub off on it; something physical, something living and breathing has made a home in between those covers. Y'know what I mean?

2006-01-09 07:47:58 ET

Pez: (good to hear from you again, by the way) I have the same issues. My GI tract is not a friendly one, and is a picky eater, particularly regarding lots of fat. This, of course, makes me a very unhappy blob-like person when I am forced to eat them: I tend to feel yuck and hide under blankets being grumbly until the evil goes away. Needless to say, that doesn't make for the best energy in the house, so I try to stick to healthier fare.

Matt: *flattered*!!! <3

Broken: Awww, back awakies! I've actually found quite a few in the books my parents have collected over the years. As a child I was baffled by the teeny little holes and caverns that wound their way around the pages.

It was a nuisance, but interesting too; when I was a wee one I didn't really do a lot with other people (introverts represent! Whee!) and books were my life, so I have to admit I found a bit of charm to something that was actually LIVING on books. Plus, the little caves were so intricate and cool, they gave me other things to imagine as well.

I know exactly what you mean...I have just grown to like them in my books a little less these days. They keep eating all the good parts!

2006-01-09 08:30:55 ET

Regarding lots of fat, huh? Does this happen with heavy dairy food and when you eat a larger than average meal? I think you should get checked out with a doc to see if you might have IBS, because those would be the symptoms. My doc thinks I have it, so all I can say is get some good peppermint teas and such to calm the stomach. Try eating some complex carbs if you're feeling icky. For some reason that tends to work as well.

2006-01-09 20:23:25 ET

Actually, those are exactly what I do, and part of what I have. I also have genetic GI issues that go with it. Peppermint tea has become a staple of my life, as has ginger and the joy that is whole wheat triscuits.

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