Ricocheting Off The Walls
2006-01-19 16:18:16 ET

Okay, this is the third try, then I totally quit.

Neighbors? Hate them Remodelling @ 7am

Building? Still annoying. No water from 9-5 tomorrow.

Warcraft? Still addicted. Lvl 27, Guild Member lvl. 2 Recruiter

Classes? Still not settled. Going to school tomorrow to fix that.

Other? Claw said he missed me. All by himself. For the first time EVER unprompted. I am cooing like a 13 year old with a crush.

Cap'n Chef? Needs to roll on Maelstrom. This applies to Glenn also.

Cows? I now have 7. Ironhorns is still the fave.

Energy? None. Sick lots these days. Glee.

2006-01-20 14:17:04 ET


Tells you what. How about we stick some soup in front of you, and then you, me, Antonio Banderas, and that smexy dark ranger (what's her name... Elana or something? The one Arthas killed hisself.) sit down and play some strip D&D. Bahaha.

2006-01-20 17:43:07 ET


Ooooooh. This sounds like a plan. Can we have tea, too? I like tea. Although I have to point out that strip D&D would probably be totalling unfulfilling, unless we were playing the "you died, lose some clothes" rules.

I tend to play looooong campaigns.

2006-01-21 09:06:09 ET


Tea? What do you mean, can we? I thought that was a prerequisite to activities like that. And the rules are you lose clothing whenever you fail a throw.

I tend to play wiiiiiiiieeeeeeerd campaigns. (posi-punk chaos elemental with a pet hand? It got better when the ice cream spell came into play.)

2006-01-21 13:26:41 ET

Yay! I'm not used to people who actually drink tea like I do. No tea lovers, few wine lovers. It's a shame, really. I like the rules, but...I don't know. I have very good luck with dice--EXCEPT when D&D is involved. I'd better wear lots of layers.

I tend to play rogues, too...

...okay. LOTS of layers. Also jewelry. Jewelry counts, right?

(Ice cream spell? ^ ^;; )

2006-01-21 16:18:59 ET

The only layered outfit I've got is my wasp-hunting suit.

*pokes eye*

I feel intoxicated right now! And my hands don't work.

2006-01-24 14:44:28 ET

Have you been doing things to get you intoxicated? That tends to help the intoxication feeling. And you should prolly keep your hands away from your eyes if you keep pok...

...wait, wasp-hunting suit?

2006-01-24 22:40:06 ET

Nope, I didn't. Well I did, but that was today, not then. Mmm eyebulbs.

I will tell you about the wasp hunt when you're online. It's fabulous.

2006-01-25 17:52:18 ET

Yes.we don't poke those, as it hurts and is also deleterious to our eyesight.

And you'd better. because waspsuit.

2006-01-25 21:40:23 ET


2006-01-26 20:35:09 ET

Eek! A Bee!

..or possibly a vibrating game controller. The second being far more common in my house than the first.

2006-01-26 21:25:29 ET

Wasp, silly!

2006-01-29 14:27:48 ET

*sprays you*

2006-01-29 17:07:45 ET

*hand to forehead*

2006-01-31 11:03:46 ET

((hee hee, a goth wasp))

*pokes wasp with a paper towel*

2006-01-31 12:33:02 ET


2006-02-02 14:28:40 ET

Awwww, woeful waspy.

*spritzes you again*

2006-02-02 18:09:27 ET

I'm not feeling loved, here.

2006-02-06 10:56:26 ET

Well, if I loved your cute little waspy self you'd sting me.

Wasps aren't exactly known for their sunny dispositions, you know.

2006-02-06 13:32:04 ET

Bumblebees will let you pet them, though.

2006-02-23 14:32:47 ET

This is true. And they're SO FUZZY! ! ! <3 <3

(we have much love for the bumblebees. )

2006-02-23 20:27:04 ET

BZZZZZZZZT. They get so twitch.

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