2006-01-24 14:45:01 ET

Oh lordy. It's my birthday, and I'm now officially 24, which is...well, totally like 23, I just have to remember to say the right number now or I sound really silly in bars.

We did the family party with Claw's folks over the weekend (oh, shrimp scampi, how I love thee...<3) and then the family-only party here last night. It was small (read:three adults and a wee one that stuck her finger in my cake before I could get the candles lit) but I got some spiffy things that will keep me locked in my room for ages to come.


Also got Home Movies Season 3, We <3 Katamari, and Beyond Good and Evil for the PS2.

I also got to see Carlitos the day before, which is fab because he's due to leave soon and I won't get to see him again for a month. On top of all that, we are going to collect a group of us on Sunday night in hopes of going out for the birthday dinner/gathering/suchlike with everyone. For anyone who's interested, I want people around, and I want lots of them. There will be carousing, silliness, and all sorts of weirdness. Also food, possibly Japanese.

I think the only birthday wish I didn't get was a date alone with Claw, but I intend to fix that one ASAP. I may also get to introduce him to Japanese, depending on if I can talk him into coming over after work Sunday.

All in all, boo-yah to 24.

2006-01-24 14:46:51 ET

Happy birthday!

2006-01-24 14:47:23 ET

Yay! Thankies!

(also: instant gratification! W00t!)

2006-01-24 22:36:54 ET

happy birthday!

2006-01-25 17:54:13 ET

Why thank you!

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