2006-03-15 15:17:39 ET

I have a new tattoo design. School sucks. I am quite busy, and am cultivating a complete lack of coherence. I require partying, and possibly some alcohol.

In other news, I am not as much of an idiot about computers as I thought; I recently met a girl who didn't know how to maximize a window. I'm also in a class with a bunch of idealists.

I am horrible, and therefore looking forward to reality hitting them in the face.

2006-03-15 20:08:20 ET

Oh! I thought you'd quit internet cold turkey or died or something along those lines. Yay! *tackle*

2006-03-16 15:09:15 ET

Niuuuu. I am just stuck in intensive classes that leave me groggy, with the exception of the Foca one.

Meh. I wanna learn programming and CSS.

2006-03-16 15:33:04 ET

The pustules in my throat agree that that's a good thing for you to study.


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