I survived the great blackout of 2003!
2003-08-14 12:38:51 ET

Hopefully. It's not over yet, and now I have to try to go home.

2003-08-14 13:31:29 ET

if it's not over yet, how are you using a computer?


2003-08-15 07:23:29 ET

Because I was at work and we have a backup generator, Miss Smartypants. :-P

2003-08-15 07:35:56 ET


I figured that's what it was.

2003-08-15 10:23:21 ET

::shifts attention towards more important neighbor to the south::


::puts on fancy hat::

2003-08-15 15:03:09 ET

::kicks bio on the head with big boots for having snobby attitude::

::struts:: ::spits::

2003-08-15 16:13:56 ET

::death and crying::

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