Stupid auto "parts"
2003-08-30 23:18:10 ET

Just what your car needed - its own pair of testicles.

2003-08-30 23:19:39 ET

oh my god i want some!

2003-08-30 23:21:23 ET

Those are certainly something else!

2003-08-31 01:54:33 ET

photoshopped >:(

you can really tell on the 4 wheel bike thing which's name escapes me.

2003-09-04 13:01:08 ET

Doom--totally not. You can BUY these. I saw a big truck with vanity plates on the BQE once with big blue ones. And I wondered what would possess him to buy blue.

2003-09-04 17:14:41 ET

Maybe the blue nuts were a hint to his girlfriend...seriously, though, I think that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

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