Lunch could have been so much more fun...
2002-06-20 10:54:24 ET

I walked past some people in big green cylindrical costumes that looked like punching bags with running shoes giving out sample frappucinos outside Starbucks. I was so tempted to tip one over onto another one, triggering a chain reaction of Starbucks mascot collapse. My better side prevailed. Damn.

As for lunch, it was Shanghai noodles with General Tso's chicken and beef with broccoli.

2002-06-20 11:21:13 ET

yo, I just learned that Starbucks is on a list of companies that has a 'don't put stores in URBAN ie black areas' policy. Figures.

2002-06-20 16:30:46 ET

telal breeds sedition!

2002-06-21 08:28:21 ET

Well, they certainly enthusiastically moved into urban Toronto. To the point where what was once a dirty, smoky goth club (but it did have personality and a good community) is now a clean and bright (ugh) Starbucks. I cringe every time I have to go by it.

2002-07-04 17:06:48 ET


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