2003-10-06 14:37:30 ET

I am an idiot - and/or a gentile, obviously. I went all the way up to school tonight, expecting a class and found nobody there, stunning myself. Why? It's Yom Kippur! (yes...York students get all the Jewish holidays off as well as the statutory ones) So here I am, sitting in the library at a machine with a really REALLY nice flat LCD screen (glad to know that tuition money is going somewhere) wasting some time here so that it appears as if there was some point in my having been here.

2003-11-25 04:47:49 ET

man what was left of my tution after the college paid my debt (like food prof sallery and what not) went to a red leather chair leg in the fireplace lounge, the chairs cost more than 20,000

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