Aren't kids cute?
2003-11-25 12:17:31 ET

Everyone's playing the blackout game!

Stupid kids.

2003-11-30 05:47:52 ET

I thought they say you cannot kill yourself.
But I guess it's like how they say you can't crack an egg with only one hand.

2003-12-11 05:53:13 ET

hahahah. people have been fascinated by getting a "natural high" forever.

hence... drugs. tobacco... kids who spin in circles. and this too.

it's hardly a new phenomenon. funny as hell though.

2003-12-20 13:04:34 ET

damn I remember that game in first grade! The object wasn't to get high or anything. I don't think that any of us knew what getting high really was at that time. No I remember the point was just to pass out for a few seconds and feel the strangeness of that. I don't remember anything other than feeling light headed from lack of air though so it was pretty stupid.

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