Don't mess with the classics!
2004-02-08 13:11:51 ET

Someone, I found out through hearing it at a club last night, has done a dance cover of Iron Maiden's Wasted Years. I'd like to know who it is - so I can KILL THEM.

2004-02-08 13:20:26 ET

was it that bad?

2004-02-08 13:20:35 ET

..or just the sacrilege of it ?

2004-02-08 13:51:31 ET

It was me.

2004-02-08 15:10:40 ET

Actually, it was my remix of Bio's cover. I have nightmares of Evil Eddie every night.

2004-02-08 15:57:54 ET

All the proceeds are going to the International House of Objectivism.

2004-02-08 17:43:22 ET

The cover itself was okay, I suppose - but the idea of it was just wrong.

Go buy yourself an A is A thong, bio.

2004-02-08 17:45:38 ET

Hahahaha, hilarity ensues.

2004-02-10 08:02:51 ET

if you are mentioning Vatikan, I was with the DJ that time. I think the people on the pool table requested ACDC type of deal, and since the room was quite clear, they played it for them.

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