I choo-choose you!
2004-02-14 11:20:43 ET

Happy V-Day to those who are having happy V-Day. To those like myself who are not, welcome to the pity party!

Enough chocolate will make it all better. :)

2004-02-14 11:31:21 ET

chocolate makes EVERYTHING all better. :)

2004-02-14 11:38:12 ET


chocolate makes all better

2004-02-14 12:07:18 ET

happy pity party day :)

Have some more chocolate <3

2004-02-14 12:10:01 ET

Amen! Chocolate rules!

2004-02-14 12:19:59 ET

*offers up some Godiva*

2004-02-14 12:30:08 ET


2004-02-14 12:34:26 ET

I got them from my honey for mass-commercialised-heart-day. They're all shades of deliciousness.

2004-02-16 17:35:47 ET

I am here to ruin pity parties. MUHAHAHAH.

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