So pathetic, so funny!
2004-02-23 11:17:44 ET

This article about the goings-on at a Nazi skinhead festival in Arizona starts off with a Nazi skinhead who happens to be black(???) getting escorted off the property and just gets stupider from there. The lameness is overwhelming.

2004-02-23 11:24:45 ET

Thats hilarious in a bad Adam Sandler movie kinda way. =P

2004-02-23 11:25:00 ET

Watching them go, celebrity racist Tom Metzger cackled and said, loudly but to no one in particular, "Well, what in the hell do you suppose that spic was thinking?"

...and thats why kindergarden school should be mandatory.

2004-02-23 11:39:50 ET

where the white women at?

2004-02-23 11:50:52 ET

haha, that made my day. I must say, whoever wrote that article kicks ass.

2004-03-16 11:12:54 ET

I wonder why anti-terrorism laws don't extend to neo nazis and klansmen

2004-03-17 07:55:44 ET

they aren't committing a terrorist act whilst rallying.

2004-03-17 11:04:34 ET

There's a statute of limitations on those laws? Certainly both groups have been guilty of it in the past.

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