This art is shitty...
2002-07-05 08:28:26 ET

From Arts section:

Tate Gallery buys canned crap
Last Updated 2002-07-05

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London - The Tate Gallery has paid 22,300 ($52,000) for 30 grams of the feces of Piero Manzoni, a 20th-century Italian concept artist.

Can 004 is one of a series of 90 cans, called merda d'artista , that Manzoni created in 1961. Manzoni, who died in 1963 at age 29, said he canned his own excrement and sold it for the price of gold at the same weight as a statement on the art market.

In fact, the Tate paid about $1,700 per gram for the feces, more than a hundred times the going rate for gold.

However, a spokeswoman for the gallery told the London Telegraph that the Manzoni piece was a bargain at that price. She called Manzoni an incredibly important artist and his Can 004 "a seminal work."

A seminal work? I don't want to know...

2002-07-05 08:38:48 ET

i read about Manzoni several times, mostly in articles relating to "shock art". somewhere on the Other Side he's getting a huge fucking kick out of this. shits 'n giggles!

2002-07-05 08:39:07 ET

this is :indeed: insanely WHACK.

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